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Wonderful people with unique culture and traditions.

This corporation is organized for cultural, charitable, religious, scientific, and educational purposes; More specifically to preserve, promote, and encourage the preservation and presentation of the traditional Tatra Mountain culture in the United States, Poland, and worldwide; Support programs and activities of Tatra Mountain societies, churches, rest homes and educational institutions;

Fund for cultural archives, museums, and historical monuments; Receive by gift, bequest, grant, purchase, lease, or transfer real or personal property; Maintain a fund, or funds, for the purpose of supporting the Tatra Mountain culture in the United States and worldwide, and furthering cultural and educational exchange and relations between the Tatra Mountain countries and the United States not inconsistent with the provisions governing the Internal Revenue Code, Exempt Organizations;

Maintain an organization open to individuals and groups in the United States who wish to support the Foundation in achieving any, or all its objectives; Support the sustainable development of the Tatra Mountains, and all goals and objectives of the international treaty, the Carpathian Convention.

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