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We want your child to have fun


Application for Financial Aid

To be considered for assistance, please complete the following application and attach a copy of the first page of your 1040 federal tax form. If you do not have a 1040, please call Bogdan Ogorek at 708 227-7700. Return your application to our office when you visit. Applications sent by fax will not be processed. Only the signed original is valid. Please print or type and answer all four sections of the application. You will need to provide your most recent  1040 or updated proof of income to be considered for financial aid for any  current  session (or any following session).

Applications are due two weeks before the start date of your preferred class. Many classes fill up, so please consider applying earlier.

A. Personal Information

Todays Date

Students Name                                                                                        Students Birth Date

Students Address

City/State _________

Students Home Phone

Parent/Students Email

Parents Name

(Necessary for dependent children)

B. Classes

What kind of classes are you applying for? Please choose one.

Group Classes Private Lessons

your first choice                                              

and second choice

What would you like to accomplish in your preferred class?

 C. Income

Are there special circumstances that affect income as it is reflected in your proof of income? Please include student loans, familial support, child support, etc.

 Please list your annual household income here (include all contributors)$

Your Employer/Profession

Spouses Employer/Profession

Total Number of Dependents

Please submit a COPY of your most recent 1040 tax return.

Have you attached a copy to this application? YES NO

Note: All information provided here is confidential and used only to process your application.

D. Agreement

I have read the attached FAQ sheet and understand the commitment I am making by accepting a Tatra Mountain Cultural Foundation financial aid award.

Signature of Student

(Or parent, if student is under 18 years old)

Our Financial Aid Philosophy: It is the desire of the Tatra Mountain Cultural foundation to make arts instruction

available to everyone who wants to learn. We ask our students who receive financial aid to maintain 100% attendance. This helps develop good practice habits and encourages a positive learning experience.

If you have questions about proof of income or other financial aid-related topics, please call or email Bogdan Ogorek at 708 728 0464 or .


You may mail or drop off completed forms to: The Tatra Mountains Cultural Foundation

Attention: Financial Aid Program

7434 w 61st Pl

Summit IL 60501 

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