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Highlander Folkloric Ensembles

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For centuries, the Tatra Mountains have been the spine of folkcultures in Central Europe. The tall, majestic mountain peaks formed the breathtaking backdrop which motivated the local indigenous people to develop their own dynamic folklore. Today, the locals are called “Gorale,” and on a daily basis, they 
 maintain the living traditions which evolved from past generations so tied to this wonderful landscape. Lively and energetic couples dance, in traditional hand created costumes, and twirl to the hard driving rhythms of the fiddle folk band. High voiced alpine singing interplays with breaks in the dancing to relate to viewers the aspects of living in high mountain ranges.

The performance is capped by a presentation of the Zbojnicki suite, which is the infamous “Brigands dance”. The memories of mountain men who robbed from the rich to give to the poor in response to the oppressive serfdom of the local lords is brought to life by the male dancers. Using deft mountain axes, the clash of steel accents the warlike march of the men who present a virile display of manhood celebrating a successful raiding party brimming with booty. The hardiness of life in the Tatra Mountains is wonderfully conveyed by a performance of the “Tatry” Folkloric Ensemble under the auspices of the Tatra Mountain Cultural Foundation, a 501 (c)3 public charity.

We have three groups.

LITTLE TATRY-Our youngest group of children ages 2-8 consisting of our beginner-level little ones.

YOUNG TATRY- Our middle-aged intermediate group ranging between ages 8-13 years old.

TATRY-The advanced, professional eldest group ages 13 and up.

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